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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Republican legislators are trying to cripple the government

Republican legislators are trying to cripple the government
Traitors Sarah Palin and John Boehner
Traitors Sarah Palin and John Boehner
It is glaringly obvious that Conservatives, Republicans, Tea Party Patriots and Fox News’ only concern is to cripple the government of the United States of America, just like any terrorist organization or Muslim extremist group like Al Qaeda.

The tactics of obstructionism, minority rule, and racist vitriol is dangerous to the security of this country, and these people deserve the treatment they prescribe for terrorists who are bent on crippling or destroying this nation. Because of their obstruction, fear mongering, and seditious acts, they deserve imprisonment in Guantanamo Bay with the other enemy combatants for their crimes against America.

Specifically, the group uses fear to divide the country, and its basis are lies and misinformation that work best on ignorant, religious, true believers.

In the conservative Central Valley where Modesto is located, gun rights activists spread rumors and lies about the Obama administration’s proposed ban on guns. The activists make statements like the Mormon racist Glen Beck, and cite his warning that Obama will take their guns, and although there is not a modicum of truth to the statement, the ignorant, religious, Conservative folks believe Beck because they think a black man will hurt them. Beck claims Obama is a racist and chants his mantra that he only trusts guns, God, and gold, which reinforces the racial fears of the Valley’s residents by telling them they should hoard, pray, and prepare to defend the gold from the racist, black President.

The problem with these divisive, vitriol spewing liars is that they make absurd statements, and treat them as if they are universal truths (especially Fox News), and repeat the lies for reinforcement. It is most egregious that Senators and Representatives participate, and become indignant if anyone questions their veracity.

If (for example) John Boehner makes a false statement, the commentators on Fox News repeat Boehner’s lie, and add their commentary to make it look legitimate. The cycle of lies continues around the newscasts on Fox, with another round of idiots chiming in and restating the same lie. They create a liars loop.

Over the course of a day’s time, every commentator on Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes’ payroll convinces and reinforces Fox News’ subhuman audience’s belief that the original lie is an edict from God Almighty himself.

Two of Fox News’ worst offenders are Glen Beck, and newly purchased Sarah Palin, because they are consummate liars. They are also consummate hypocrites for their alleged belief in God while they bear false witness (Bible-speak for dirty liars).

The goal is to cripple the government, and cast President Obama in a negative light. Even when Obama proposes Republican ideas, they obstruct and vote no.

The criminals who subvert the government and foment hostility need to live in a penitentiary for sedition. The legislators who obstruct the workings of the government need to go away where they can do no harm.

Fox News must discontinue broadcasting, and the comedy team of Ailes and Murdoch sent to Guantanamo with the other terrorists. That racist Mormon crybaby Beck, and his little pig with lipstick, Palin, are to report to Iran to take a daily flogging for opening their big mouths.

All this seems a little harsh, it’s true, but this group of Conservative Republicans and their Tea Bagging ignoramus posse pose a threat to the country. They intend to cripple the government because a fifty-percent African American man legally won the Presidency, and if it means bringing the country to its knees, they will do it.

No matter what metric one uses to assess the damage these fear-mongers create, it is the American people who suffer, and the evil perpetrators Beck, Palin, Republican Legislators, and Fox News’ owners are responsible, and they need regulating

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