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Friday, October 28, 2011

 -But- Dirty, Corrupt, Obstructionist Mitch McConnell denies that The Republicans are sabotaging the economy to ensure that Obama is a 'One Term President'....just sayin...

Congress Responsible for 370,000 Job Cuts

by Adele Stan, Oct 28, 2011

Cuts instituted by Congress for the 2011 fiscal year eliminate some 370,000 jobs, while endangering the public and delaying necessary repairs and infrastructure work that will only be more expensive to complete in the future, according to a new report from the Center for American Progress (CAP).
In “Creating Unemployment: How Congressional Budget Decisions Are Putting Americans out of Work and Increasing the Risk of a Second Recession,” CAP Senior Fellow Scott Lilly writes that the loss of these jobs will have ripple effects throughout the economy.
The jobs losses that are a direct result of those actions will have a secondary impact on a wide array of businesses ranging from automobile producers to local restaurants and dry cleaning establishments, causing the disappearance of a significant number of additional jobs.
Already, the cuts to local law enforcement programs—which were cut by $2.5 billion compared to the previous year—are having a negative effect, Lilly reports. As an example, he turns to one California city:
Despite concessions by police officers in San Jose, California to accept a 10 percent pay cut, 66 police officers were forced to turn in their badges in June because of city budget problems. The cuts came in the midst of a recent upsurge in homicides and other serious crimes in the city
Further, with an average 19 percent unemployment rate for construction workers, Congress cut much-needed building repair projects.
Congress could choose to put Americans back to work in ways that will ensure the safety of taxpayers in their communities. Or it could continue down the path toward greater unemployment and imperiling the lives and health of the people who elected them.
As AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said at this month’s Take Back the American Dream conference, right-wing politicians are intent on “ginning up this season’s version of ‘divide and conquer’ — set taxpayers against public employees.” If current trends prevail, taxpayers may soon have a taste of what life with too few public employees means for the country at large.
On Nov. 17, the union movement and our allies are rallying around a day of national action to demand “Jobs, Not Cuts.”
To download the ”Creating Unemployment: How Congressional Budget Decisions Are Putting Americans out of Work and Increasing the Risk of a Second Recession” in a PDF file, click here.

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Anonymous said...

For heavens sakes when will these pathetic socialists stop with the George Bush comparisons, . Frankly it’s becoming not only stupid, but laughable. It blows my mind when I constantly here people say “So did Bush” For Christ's sake, when will the “Blame Bush” crap expire?
First off, Iran was NOT the threat that it is now when Bush was in office, and for Oboze and his VP to say that Iran is no where near ready to have a bomb is just insane. Should we wait until they are ready? Is that your solution?
And as for Israel being our friend, just ask any Israeli if they feel that way. And my bashing Moochele's looks is my answer to this blooger's post. And I stand by it. Did you feel the same way when all these phoney bleeding hearts bashed Saral Palin and the FREAKS that insulted her and her children? I'd bet not.
This pathetic socialists actually think he has answers? And his pathetic progressive followers really think that he can walk on water! He continues to divide and destroy this country with his socialist unworkable fiscal programs that cannot work or be paid for.
He continues to run up our debt at over a trillion a year and calls it a solution ? So yes, Obama is a socialist. By “socialist,” I may not mean a Lenin, Castro, or Mao, type of socialist but Obama falls within the type of modern socialism as, for example, liken to Germany’s Social Democrats, French Socialists, or Spain’s socialist-workers party.
Obama’s progressive tax agenda on the rich to redistribute their income and wealth is dead set on what he calls “the rich to pay their fair share”. (As he has said: “When you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”
What ever you want to call him, he’s a nauseating con artist and failure. He has absolutely no idea how to lead but he is wonderful at name calling and dividing America. I can remember when it was not to long ago that America was the leader of the free world, and where are we now? We are the laughing stock of the Communist world. And in dept up to Obozo’s flapping ears. And the stupid Liberals are still clinging to Hope and Change. Lots of luck with that.
This inauguration is a sad day for America. Obama is truly the worst President in our history. You can be sure that I won’t be watching the inauguration. Not on your life.
What self-respecting lover of America would want to attend this gathering of Marxist socialists anyway?
But rejoice, the First Moocher has a new haircut.