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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Peter McFarland of Marin County, Calif. Tased by Sheriff's Deputies In His Own Home (VIDEO)

Peter McFarland of Marin County, Calif. is suing the county sheriff's office for tasing him in his own home while his wife pleaded with them to stop.

The deputies arrived June 29 of last year after McFarland fell outside his home while he and his wife Pearl were returning from a charity fundraiser, and he said something to the effect that if he had a gun, he'd shoot himself in the head.

It was hyperbole, McFarland told the deputies, who arrived after paramedics had already helped him inside. A rare survivor of pancreatic cancer, he considers himself lucky to be alive.

Yet the deputies insisted on taking McFarland to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation, ultimately tasing him after he demanded they leave his house. "Stop resisting!" the deputies repeatedly tell McFarland, as he whimpers and writhes in pain.

McFarland was arrested and jailed on a charge of resisting arrest, but a judge later threw out the charge.

WATCH the end of the confrontation, captured on one of the deputies' taser-mounted camera:


Anonymous said...

Join the Facebook support page:Support for Peter McFarland

bk121 said...

I guess it won't be long before the police step up to cattle prods.

Caegan said...
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Caegan said...

Unbelievable. How do these police people live with themselves? Why aren't the citizens of San Geronimo Valley up in arms about this and demanding the firing of the police personnel involved? I live here, and this is the first I've heard of this.
The laws about 5150 evaluations need to be changed, as the parametics hearing the comment about death wish had no choice but to follow protocol. But the police have every ability to assess the situation and deem there is no real threat of suicide here. That a US citizen can be tasered in his own home after peacefully asking the police to leave
has sickening implications for all of us in America.
Meanwhile the sheriff's office personnel should be
so ashamed of themselves. Whichever "officer" did the tazing is the person who needs the psychiatric evaluation. Can we spell 'abuse of power'?
This story needs to be put on CNN et all.

Anonymous said...

Fireman were called who provide medical assistance. The wife called for help because he threatened to shoot himself in the head...this is not what fireman are for so the Sheriff came to deal with possible violence. From the video Mr. McFarland acted and spoke like he was very drunk. People are unpredictable and this looked like someone attempting to help might get hurt. Mr. McFarland looks like a big man...under the circumstances I think it unfortunate Mr. McFarland could not control himself...the tazing was appropriate. My son in law is a fireman and they deal with all kinds of difficult and dangerous situations providing medical assistance. The Sheriff was trying to protect Mr. McFarland from himself and others from his possible kicking, lashing about. I hope the McFarlands seek out mental health /substance abuse care....too much booze makes a bad situation very bad.

A Free America: You Decide said...

My son was an MP in The Marines for 6 years. He said that he would never have tased this man because it was totally unnecessary.

I do believe that the Firefighters took the correct action in calling the police. It's Law Enforcement that behaved badly here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog & for leaving a comment. Although I disagree with you on this matter I respect your opinion.

Anonymous said...

This man did not make an actual threat to shoot himself in the head and the deputies were not called for that reason either. The deputies showed up as the fire dept. was leaving since the EMT's determined that the man was not seriously injured and he did not want to go to the hospital. His comment about shooting himself was made in reaction to a question about how much pain he was in. He had just falling down a set of concrete steps so anyone would be in pain after that. The deputies then try to force the man to go to the hospital and he refuses. What happened next is on the video. The deputies were told he had a heart condition but ignored that and tased away on the old man. The best part is when he is told to stop resisting and put his hands behind his back while being tasered. Umm, excuse me deputy dumbass but the point of the taser is to render people incapable of movement so they can be arrested. So how was this man suppose to comply while being tasered?
Just one more example of trigger happy cops.

A Free America: You Decide said...

Read today's post:

Now The Cops, The Courts are trying like hell to make it illegal to video tap the cops so the can be as abusive as the they like without impunity. America, Home of The Not So Free.

A Free America: You Decide said...

here's the link